James Del EP

by James Del

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Catherine Carandang Torres
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Catherine Carandang Torres Excellent songwriter! Love "Satellite", "New Years Song", and "Head in Hands" !!!
Love the vocal arrangements too! The piano parts were awesome. I can't wait to hear more!
Brilliant job, James! Favorite track: Head In Hands.
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released December 1, 2013

All songs by James Del, recorded in various houses around Camarillo,CA.
Mixed and Mastered by Dan Duskin and James Del at Studio 201, Simi Valley.Drums on Track 2 by Garrett Miller.


all rights reserved



James Del Los Angeles, California

James Del is a singer/songwriter from Abbeyleix, Co.Laois(Ireland) currently residing in California.
James was raised in a household where music is "a way of life" . He began learning to play guitar and piano at the tender age of 10! By his early teens he had won an International busking competition and gigged all over Ireland, the UK and parts of Holland.New EP out now! ... more

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Track Name: Somebody Else

I was drinking alone just try'na kill that cold
you know the one inside of me,
Now it's taken it's toll and I'd give silver and gold
just to feel like somebody else. yeah yeah.

She was one of the kind,
her heart was bigger than life
but she felt so lonely and
she took a fall from grace, a pinch to numb the pain
just to feel like somebody else. yea yeah..

Oh I can't get through to you,
I'm running out of time..

Track Name: Satellite

This is how it came to be,
fairytales and make believe.
An empty heart is a loaded gun,
all is fair when lost or won,
I came in strong and took my time,
heavy hearts are yours and mine.
I roll the dice and play the game
but nothing ever stays the same.

Maybe I can't say
just what you mean to me.
Your a satellite,in my atmosphere
always watching over me.
Tell me what's it like where you are,
maybe you're a shooting star
burning up the sky at night
you're forever in my life.

Oh you are a satellite,
you guide me home
in my darkest night.
Track Name: This Is Not Goodbye

I was down,
I was out.
I know its over,I know its over now.
Broken bones and swollen eyes I beg to stare
into your light now your beauty shines.

All the promises we've made,
have cracked and fallen apart.
Into the burning heart of heaven,
I'll see you there.

I am a cold wind blowing,
She is a burning light.
I am the darkest color black,
She is the Northern Lights.
I took a walk out on the promenade,
watched the skyline fade to black.
Silent movies replay in my head..
over and over again..

All the promises we've made,
have cracked and fallen apart...

Now I feel like this is not goodbye,
when I feel your lifeless arms around me now. x2
Track Name: Sorry Not Sorry

Well I've been living alone now,
I've been loosing my mind so,
I guess its time to say that I'm sorry,I'm not sorry no
And after all that we've been through,
I know that I let you (down)
I guess its time to say that i'm sorry. I'm not sorry, no...

Now i'm watching the clock spin,
it's burning holes in my soul.
I'm sick of try'na be someone,
someone you can ignore.
And after all that we've been through
but you never knew me at all
and if it's time to say sorry..
you might be waiting some more.

Well i've been living alone now..
I've been loosing my mind..
And after all that we've been through,
I know that I let you down, I know that I let you
I know that I let you down.
Track Name: New Years Song

They're closing off the bar,
turn that 'Open' sign
The jukebox in your head
reminding you of her.
I'm everything you're not,
I'm less than nothing now.
One more little one,
it's time for me to go.

Oh these winds they blow right through me
Colder than the day you left here
Friends don't seem to understand this way I feel.

I'm pushing through the crowd,
I wonder where you are..
The countdown has begun
they're singing Auld Lang Sign.
You're everybody's star,
everyone but mine,
One more little one
I'll turn my luck around

Oh these winds they blow right through me
Colder than the day you left here.
Friends don't seem to understand this way I feel...

This year will be better than the last,
a promise I'll keep, theres no looking back.
Track Name: I Won't Let You Down
I Won't Let You Down.

I was on the outside looking in
at all the things I can't explain.
They keep me up.
I was the one who turned away,
and you got lost in thought for days.
Now I don't feel alright.

I've been talking in my sleep
but you ain't lying next to me
every word i say is true
I'd give it all to be with you
So come back home,lets start again
We'll take it easy - just be friends
I promise baby I won't let you down.

I take the backstreets to your home,
now here I stand upon your door
But your friends say that you left town for days.
I gotta tell you I feel, maybe we could start again.
If you let me in I swear we can,

Track Name: Your Ghost

My hands,cold as stone.
I pass by your door, you don't live there no more.
That old song we used to know,
we'd dance round the room on that old wooden floor.

Memories fade like old pictures in a frame.
Love leaves a scar that you won't wash away.
How long must I stay lost in this dream,
til i'm carried away?

Everything comes to an end I know how this goes,
all of our words are just borrowed air.
That old record player plays song that we used to know,
Sha la la la ,la la la- Please Don't go.

Your ghost is haunting me
It's your face in my dreams.
Track Name: Head In Hands

I'm sad to see it end,
before it began.
But if I know you, you made other plans.
Here I sit, with head in my hands.
Watching you leave, for the last time again.

I wish I could say that I have somewhere to be,
but I'm just passing time,
I, myself, and me.
Now here I sit, with head in my heads.
Watching you leave for the last time again.

Let the rain was over my skin,
let the sun fall from the sky.
Let my grass grow out of control
and I'll think of you just for a while.
Just for a while.

If I were a king, and were my queen.
If I had a kingdom would it change anything?
For here I sit with head in my hands,
watching you leave for the last time again.
Here I sit with head in my hands,
watching you leave,
for the last time..

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